18 March 2024

In a significant stride towards enhancing industrial safety standards, Tarapro participated in Hindalco's prestigious 9th Annual Safety Conclave, held on March 14th and 15th, 2024, in Hirakud, Orissa. This conclave brought together industry stalwarts to discuss and exchange advanced safety strategies, underlining the collective aim of elevating safety protocols across sectors.

As a vanguard in the field of Flame Resistant and arc flash clothing in India, Tarapro has been a long-standing safety partner of Hindalco, contributing to the safety ethos with its innovative solutions. This conclave was an opportunity to showcase its latest advancements in safety gear designed to protect against a variety of industrial FR hazards.

Rohit Lohia, Director of Tarapro, expressed his gratitude towards Hindalco for the enduring partnership, stating, “Working alongside Hindalco has been an absolute pleasure. Our collaboration is founded on mutual trust and a shared commitment to safety excellence. We are excited to continue supporting them in their relentless pursuit of workplace safety.”

The conclave was not just a platform for discussion but also a demonstration ground for vendors like Tarapro, who have been instrumental in providing cutting-edge safety equipment. Senior teams from Hindalco's various plants, including mine safety heads and unit heads, were present, along with select vendors, to engage and witness the innovative safety solutions on display.

Tarapro extends its sincere appreciation to Hindalco for the invaluable opportunity to contribute to the advancement of workplace safety. As both entities look towards the future, their commitment to mitigating risks and championing safety within the industrial landscape remains unwavering.

This collaboration highlights the shared vision of Tarapro and Hindalco towards a safer and more secure industrial environment, setting a benchmark for others in the industry to follow.